Tuesday, June 22, 2010

we're your friends now.

i work from
home now.

and it's nice.

i don't shower
EVERY day - but most.
and i DO brush my teeth
and wash my face
like two times a day
at LEASt.
and though
i rarely wear
clothes that don't
feel like pajamas,
i now
curl my eye lashes
and put on lip balm
to go to the store
or the gym
or sometimes before
i make lunch.
for kicks.

and in the am,
i roll out of bed
and grab my
computer and am
at work in 2 minutes.
very much awesome.

but i do miss that office

do i miss the meetings?
where everyone is looking
at their blackberrys
while i just wait
for the right time
to crack a joke?


do i miss the office
birthday parties where
we sing happy birthday
like a
funeral march
and then eat
cake unless you can't
eat the gluten
because then you just
offer to cut the cake
and smell it
and that's even
more depressing kind of?

nah...not too much.

do i miss the office gossip
and drama?
of course not.

i miss that.

and i do miss the random
chit chat -
the water cooler/
tap water talk.

i sometimes forget
the sound of my
own voice
so i go to the store
and make
extensive conversation with
the checkout person
just so i know my
voice box is working.

but i have made some
new friends.
a few.
i mean they aren't
like REAL people friends
as they are on tv.

and we don't
really "talk."

but they are
nice and dependable
and they
hang out with me
every morning
when i work from bed
and eat a babycakes
apple cranberry toastie
with my homeslice kelly ripa.
('sup, kel?)

and then discuss
"hot topics"
(hi joy. hi eliazabeth.)

and even though i
don't agree with
elizabeth on
every single thing,
i do enjoy her outfits
and her luminous skin.
i get lost in it's
luminosity and
i wonder if she gets
injections in her face
and i enjoy the
fact that she is my
sister in celiac.

so we talk about
that sometimes
but avoid politics.

and we exchange recipes.

(not really.)

but it's nice to have
have them all around.

and nice to be able
to mute them if necessary.

and i miss them when
things like
"breaking news" make
them go away.


the. end.


  1. best blog yet:) you make my day.

  2. applause... oooh aaah I figured it out...

  3. the cake / funeral march analogy made me feel like some part of me was unlocked inside, finally free and understood

  4. erin! yooo make my day!

    jeanne - i know, RIGHT!?
    like i would try to
    sing faster and
    clap or something but
    it was always like...

    kim - glad you figured! yay!