Friday, June 18, 2010

noble is his name.

i am not sure about this font.
or this blog really.
and not sure why i chose
a background image
with books in it.
maybe because i don't
READ enough books.

i am making tea.

not so sure what this blog will
be about. i was going to cook
my way through julia child's
cookbook but that's been done.
so then i was going to
cook my way though
rachael ray's 30 minute meals
but a lot of them look gross to me
and i don't cook.
so this won't be a cooking blog.
i really only know
how to make cookies.
so i will stick with that.
"carri's cookies."
oh and banana bread.
i have mastered.

today the outdoor furniture was
delivered which is VERY exciting
because the guy that
owns the place across the way
threw out the other furniture.
he said it had termites.
i said her had termites.

we had WORDS.
but did not throw punches.

that was back in december.
so i am pretty much over it.
so the furniture is really nice
and comfy but there were
a lot of flies out there today
so i am inside.

but when it was being delivered
the guy couldn't get the truck
up the road so he ran up and
had me sign this paper and then
ran away and while i was
waiting for him to return
i started talking to my new girl
neighbor. she seems nice.
and i saw her tattoo.
on her inner upper arm.
cursive. and it says
'noble was his name.'
or maybe it was
'noble is his name.'
the tatt was for her friend
who died and his
(last) name was noble.
or maybe it was his first name.

i was distracted
wondering where the man
ran off to and wondering
if he woud return with my

i mean i had SIGNED the PAPER.

but he returned.
and now it's here.
so i got that goin'.

and i realized this reads a bit
like how a 7 year old writes
a book report.

so maybe...that's my angle.

this was a report on a
book called
'his name was noble.'

or something like that.


or beginning.



  1. it's the beginning, my friend. yay for this. and for you. always.

  2. oh man you are talking and it is glorious!

  3. i'm hooked. charlie says hi :)

  4. LOVE, and love u.
    Also love "peas".

  5. well, the USA today is written on the level of 4th graders so...



  6. this is so fun!

    i heart all ya'll.


    let's just see if i
    can keep this thing goin'...

    the PRESSURE!

    tis fun.