Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cooking blog.

i baked the cookies.

and the recipe called for
ONE egg
ONE egg yolk.

so i separated the
egg yolk from the white
and was about to
pour the white
down the drain
as i usually do.

(i mean AFTER
i slather some
around my eyes to
'prevent crows feet.'
little trick the momz taught
me when i was 8 -
take it and run.
first one's free.)

but then i thought to myself:

wait - people DO things
with egg whites.

i mean, i have ORDERED
eggs whites at restaurants.

so there must
be something i can DO with
this thing.

maybe i could save
for morning.

i mean lately i have been
having a couple of
eggs every morning.
i whisk them in a bowl.
nuke 'em for 2 min.
scrambled eggs.
scrape them out of the bowl,
put some salt and pepper.
maybe a little
SPINACH? if you feeling frisky.
wrap 'em in a brown rice
grab a glass of oj.
and you got yourself
a cooking blog.

(tag this as RECIPE?)

so i have this egg white
and i holla to the huzz.
(feeling a tad ghetto
tonight, listening to eminem.
bear with me, yogi.)

so i am all
"will - can't i DO something
with this egg white?"

and he is all
"yeah, i think so."

me: "what?"

him: "i don't know."

me: "i mean, do i just
scramble it up and pretend
it's a real egg?"

him: "not sure."

me: "like, people SELL egg whites
in restaurants. do you ADD
something to them or is
an egg white
just egg white?"

him: "yeah, i never understood those things."

so i put a little more
around my eyes -
crows feet brigade.

and dumped it.

next time
i am going to
scramble the
fo' shiz out of it.




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