Monday, June 21, 2010

about me. kind of.

this one summer like
six years ago i was
at this ymca pool
in reseda because
vikki had a membership
and it was by her
tax guy and
that y had a
nice outdoor pool
and because reseda is
where daniel larusso lived.

so we drove there
and hung out
and it was taking me
forever to walk down the
stairs and get in the
water because
it was cold.

so it gave this older gentlemen
(like 70 older)
who was hangin' by the steps
plenty of time to chat us up.

and he was very nice.

and i remember him telling me
that grapes had a lot of
sugar - which sounded
delightful to me?
and that
"a lot of men liked
strong nordic calves"
referring to mine?

yes. referring to mine.

and i could tell he
was a sweet talker
and that with smooth
lines like that,
had probably had a lot of
luck with the ladies
in his day.

but i wasn't interested.

and then
the other night
i went to bed late
and then couldn't fall
asleep because i
couldn't for the life
of me remember the
lyrics to the
theme song from 227.

and i always
remember the lyrics
to theme songs from
80's tv shows.

but i couldn't remember.

and this has happened
to me before with this show,
so it wasn't surprising
or particularly disturbing.

but i fell asleep picturing
jackee harry saying
'maaaary' and that
old woman that just
talked out of
the second story window...
talking out of the
second story window
but the lyrics
refused to come to me.

i looked them up
the next day
and felt much better.

so funny because
there are so many
other things
like which way is north?
(how about UP?)
or which hand is
my left?
(give me a sec...)
that maybe should?
but just don't come to me
as easily
as the convo with
daniel larusso's grandpa
in 2004,
and don't keep
me up at night
like the
lyrics to that
remarkable show.

and i don't know...
but i think i
like it that way.

and i think i just
wrote my "about me."

or part of it
at least.

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