Friday, June 25, 2010

this is 20/20.

it's so tired in here.
and i still have lots to DO!
i mean for work.
and for life.


but first i will make some tea.
or maybe i will finish this
coldish coffee.

will's parents came
and stayed with us last night.
love them.
we went to
bed bath and beyond.
and then
went for mexican food.

i think i have
a problem with salt.
well, as in -
i heart the salt
as much as slug hates it.

love it on the chips.
love it on the rims of my glasses.
(though then it gets in my
eyes - but i don't care!)

i kid.
i don't wear glasses.

i love it on chocolate
and on the tip of my finger.

ok, this sounds like a problem.
but it's not really.
i don't carri a shaker in
my purse or anything.

though i used to steal a
few coffee beans from
giant or "the giant"
as nani would call it.
and carri THOSE in my
pocket because they
smelled SOOO GOOD.

so we got the chips
and ordered a round of
meaning one for me.
and a virgin one for
mama in law.

and i drank mine
fast - sooooo good.

and then i was jazzed!

i wanted to talk
factory farming industry!
and church dances!
and the electric car!
and speed reading!
and carpal tunnel!

but i also really wanted to try
and listen into the
convo of the
gilmore gal sitting behind me.

and i wanted to go to sleep.

and i also ALSO really
wanted another margarita.
(top shelf! well, not quite
but almost top.
like second shelf.)

but i refrained.

and dinner was really delish.

and we had a fun time.

and i am hungover because
i get hungover just by
looking at alcohol these days.

oh theeeese days.

especially when i am
not wearing my glasses.



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