Thursday, July 15, 2010

dallas raines.

it's hot out there.
real hot.

and it's making my
brain melt.

and i am not sure how
i am supposed
to WORK in these

but i also know that
others have worse
working conditions
so i am not totally
complaining. totally.

and at least i could work
from my bathing suit -
or "bading soup"
as my friend's
lil' (kim) sister
used to call it,
if i wanted.

i mean still at my
desk-ish table,
don't get me wrong.
not lounging by a pool
or anything.

but the bading soup
freedom option is nice.

wheel see...

why does everything feel
soooo slow and tired,
like i am covered in molasses
and haven't slept
for long time?

my mom talks fast.
even on days like this.

so does my boss.

i can understand my mom
and can keep up as usually
we just jive-talkin' about

although when she has
had a lot of coffee and like
a donut or something,
i can't really keep up,
so i just let her go.

but my boss talks real fast
the majority of the time
and i have never seen her drink
a ton of coffee OR eat a donut.

and every time we chat
i feel like my brain
is in slow motion
and her speak is in fast.

so i ask her to slow down
so my special mind
can ketchup and she does.
and it's fine.

but THAT's on a regular temperature day.
today's temperature
says meteorologist
"dallas raines" (for real name)
is dangerously hot.
it was the leading story on the news.
leading after lindsay and mel
(not together.)
and it reminds me of the
time rita's mom called
at 8am during beach week
to tell us the
heat index is high.

and so my brain today is mush.
and i am having a hard
time forming sentences
and so i kept my phone
interaction with boss
to a minimum today
as i did not want to alarm
her with my slow-moving lava
brain and words.

i could tell when we spoke
that she
was in air conditioning.

it's cooling off outside now.

and i am going to go
to one of my most
favorite places -
whole foods.

and i bet they will
have free samples.
and i bet the
a/c will be blowing
so nicely.
and i may just stay
there and hang out
and read magazines
and buy lara bars.

and maybe my
brain will be brought
back to life
and i will be able
to speak words to the
people in line with me
or to the guy
who will give me
a nice big sample of
the cranberry tuna.
i am sure they will
all be so PUMPED
to CHAT.

and then i will
go stand under the mister
as it sprays down
the bok choy to make
it look super appetizing -


and maybe i will
wear my bading soup.

and maybe not.

peas...& choy.

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