Friday, July 9, 2010

the history of dance.

i am what i would call a
"phenomenal dancer."

have i won dance contests?
been on a dance show?

do i have trophies
with a little
dance persons
on top
engraved with my

nothing official.
nothing spelled

but i have really great moves.
and like
sjp's janie
in girls just wanna have fun -

"i love to dance."

i have been dancing my
whole life.
singing too.
i am an unbelievable singer.
but that is
a topic for another post.

i took some ballet and
tap classes at age 5
for a few months?

such versatility!

but then i took a break.

too much too soon.

but then in high school
i would always
audition for
REAL parts in the
school musicals.

parts with SOLOS


and characters
with NAMES

but i would always
be cast as a
"group chorus dancer"
because that was
where i really shined.


in college i did a
lot of dancing in
flip flops
at frat houses
on beer covered

then when i lived at
the beach,
i danced at the
beach bars.

my friends would tell me
that i led with
my mouth -
as it was
always open
and smiling.

because i was CONSUMED
with the DANCE!

and my signature move
was (and still is) the pony.


"The Pony is a fun 1960s dance that became popular with a song Chubby Checker recorded called "Pony Time." It was done as a couples dance, but the duet never touched doing the dance steps."

please note,
i would perform it solo.

and i have never heard the song
"pony time" but i think i would
really like it.

there was
street jam.
on tuesdays and thursday
lauren and i would
metro to joy of motion
and teacher matt
would teach us the
latest moves
to songs like
"it's getting hot in herr."

matt always said
we did a good job.
but he also looked at
himself in the mirror
a WHOLE lot,
so i am not sure if
he ever actually
saw me dance.

now, i wasn't the FASTEST
learner and i would
make lauren re-teach
me the choreography
at home after class,
but before ice cream cones.

i got REALLY good.

and almost thought
about auditioning
to be a back up
dancer for
some very famous people
who i cannot name
many, many times
but then i forgot
to get the details
and probably had
to go to work
that day anyway.

while i never
went pro,
i now continue my
dance career (unpaid)
in the kitchen.

i dance in the
a LOT.

i turn on the
boom box -
usually to
kost 103.5 -
usually at night.
so i can
jam out to

"love songs on the coast."

and after all these years
of experience, i think i am
really at the top of
my game incorporating
a variety of
leaps, twirls,
and moonwalk-type

i keep my expression
very serious,

my yoga clothes
loose and flowy,

and my
moves ultra fresh and
dare i

will is my captive audience.

he eats a burrito plate
and claps for me.

the cat usually leaves
the room.

intimidated by
the phenomenon,
i am sure.



there's that.


  1. lolz-ing in vancouver. amazing.

  2. SO honored to get TWO mentions...THOSE were the days...I think my favorite dance memory was when we first moved into our La la land apartment, had no TV and danced to the ringtones on our cell phone in front of the mirror...too many amazing memories!

  3. oh my sweet LAURS!! i miss theeeeez!! xoxo