Saturday, August 28, 2010

a couple of silver. spoons.

where have you been?
i mean i.
where have EYE been?
well, i can tell you
where i haven't been!
and that's...
hmm. i don't know.

but let's just say i have
been "working from home"
and that i
spent some time in
"new york city."
and then i was also
in the "adirondax."
and then i was
"working from home"
those are all air quotes
by the way.
for no other reason except
they are...
let's just say

the cat is outside with me now.
and she is darting around
like she is possessed
or needs a friend to play with.
poor pluff.
trying to entertain herself.
i get it, pluff.
i get it.

so, will and i just
had our
second anniversary.
look at us go.

to celebrate, we went
back to the
inn of the seventh ray.
it's where we
got married.
it's a super magical
restaurant with
twinkly lights on
the trees
and organic
wine and greens
on the menu.

we went there last year too.
it's what we do.
we go there
to get married
and for our anniversaries.

now, if you GO there for your
anniversary and remind them
that you got married there,
they really go nuts.
and we like it.

so we go there.
and we remind them.

so THEN it starts.

get this:
they make the bride
(me) put on this stock wedding
dress they keep in the
back room and
make groom (will)
put on this stock tux suit.
and then they
stop the restaurant
enya-ish music
and get on a microphone
that they pull out of nowhere
and make
eveRYONE in the
place stop eating,
and rise.
and then they
bring out a couple of
waiters that can play
the violin and bass (GUITAR!?)
and while THEY
play a version of that
chris brown
"forever" song (REALLY!)
will and i have to
walk/dance arm in arm
down the stone staircase
to our table
everyone attempts
to clap along
in time with said music.

super awkward
but kind of fun.

and only once we
GET to our table,
are we then
allowed to take
the tux and dress off
and everyone can sit
and then the
rest of the night
is super normal.



not rilly.

but they DID give us champagne.

and we also got
almond milk creme brulee
i got the salmon
and will got the chicken.

and then we read
each other's
from that night
two years ago.



and it was really
so lovely.

oh! and then i loveD
the little tiny spoons
that was served
with the brulee
and i had KIND of made
friends with waitress kathleen
(she was our waitress last year
when then made us
dance down the stairs to
REM's "it's the end of
the world as we know it."
but she was our waitress.)

and i was all
"kathleen, i LOVE this spoon.
it is just SOOOO cute!"

and she was all
"well, if i come back
here and it's in your
purse, i never saw it."

and we both winked.
(with one eye.)

and so we finished the
brulee and got up to
leave and i
accepted her
silver spoon gift
and now it's in our
silverware drawer.

and if i ever get
one of those
torches so i can make
creme brulee in my
very own home,
i will use it.

or maybe i will
use it to eat oatmeal.

or some "ice cream."

quote unquote.


it's reserved for creme brulee.



so here's to ANOTHER
two years of wedded bliss!



'tis only
the beginning.



  1. i luv me sum carri z fun, riveting perfection! *grins* *bows* *jumps off the dock into lake FUN*

    nice work, sister. ; )
    LUV you xoxo

  2. ahhhh...thanks, sweetsister!