Tuesday, August 31, 2010

california. love. wrap.

was just downing my
veggie buuurrrger
hummus wrap thing
that i MADE
with my own two
hands and one

and i always put
toothpicks in the
wrap so it stays together
since the wrap part
is gluten-freedom
so it doesn't really
"rap" that well...say like...

2pac (KIDDING!)

tupac rules.
or did.

i was in the car with my
mom like ten years ago
and "california love" came
on and my mom goes -
"this is my favorite tupac song."


and now i LIVE
in california which is
SOOOO ironic.

not really.
not really
at all.

so, i make the wrap
and i close it
up with the
tupacs i mean
because the brown rice
tor-tiLLa doesn't
really like to stay

so i use the picks
and then i eat it and
then like
EVERYtime almost -
i nearly end up
EATING said picks.

now, i know what
you are saying...

REALLY, carri?

your mom's FAVORITE
tupac song is
"california LOVE"?

and not the acclaimed
"dear mama"??

and to that i would
say yes,

and i would also say
that i forget about the
toothpicks like EVERY time!


i know.


but luckily they are
pokey so i realize
i am chewing on the
pix before i
swallow them.

and the rap is sooo good.
esp with the tomato and spinach.

i also fail to
take the stickers off
my apples and plums.
most of the time.

mostly out of

(though that word may
be a little too harsh.)

and these stickers
are NOT pokey.

so i eat them.

MOST of the time.
not all the time.



peas! from the

city of compton.

i mean los feliz.


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